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Leprechaun Lane:
Traditional Irish Stallion,
Doberman Pinschers for Service Work

It's better to be good than Lucky, but we will take BOTH!

It's the BEST of all worlds.

A place where Big Horses, Big Dogs, and Big Trucks play in the Florida Sunshine all day!

What we Offer

            The Uniqueness of Leprechaun Lane:

Leprechaun Lane Transport Company

Leprechaun Lane's Irish Draught Sport Horses

  • Our Sport Horse Breeding program focuses on the Best Irish lines descended from the Cappa Stud (including Flagmount King).

Leprechaun Lane's Doberman  Pinschers

  • Our Doberman Pinschers are bred specifically for their proclivity for Medical Service Dog work, Rescue work, and longevity.

  • Service Dog Training and Guided Self-Training for Service Dog owners through Leprechaun Lane's Trained Canines

  • Service Dog Placement for the following:

    • Medical Service​

    • United States Armed Forces Disabled Military Veterans (Physical or Mental qualifications)

    • Facilities Services

    • Therapy Program Dogs

Leprechaun Lane Training Center: Equine  & Canine Care

    • Equine Training and Boarding​

      • Our Specialized Training and Boarding Program offer individualized care and training.​

      • 12x16 CB Stalls and Grass Pasture Turn-Outs

      • Standard Dressage Ring with letters

      • Jump  arena with footing

    • Irish-Bred Horses for Sport - Eventing, Jumpers, Dressage

      • Soundeness​

      • Trainability

      • Longevity

      • Athleticism

    • Canine - Daycare, Boarding, Training

      • Doggy Daycare Supreme - Specialized to the needs of your pooch.​

        • Play Groups, Individual Suites, Group Suites, and much more!​

      • Short and Long-term Boarding Options

    • Leprechaun Lane's Doberman Pinschers

      • Soundeness​

      • Trainability

      • Longevity

      • Athleticism

    • Leprechaun Lane's Trained Canines

      • Basic Obedience​

      • Canine Good Citizen Qualifications

      • Medical Service Dogs***

      • Facility Dogs

      • Working Dogs

      • Emotional Support Dogs***

We are a woman-owned, family business with over 35 years of experience in:

Trucking and Breeding-Training Quality Horses & Dogs.​

At Leprechaun Lane We are dedicated to being the best at what we do!

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