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Leprechaun Lane's
Doberman Pinschers

Developing Intelligence Service Health and Longevity in Every Dog

We are excited to announce the launch of our revolutionary service dog breeding program, focusing on traits such as training efficiency, athleticism, intelligence, and longevity. 2023 marks a new beginning at Leprechaun Lane, where we strive to deliver excellent quality working dogs with exceptional temperaments that will bring joy into the lives of everyone they serve!

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Our Story

Leprechaun Lane's Doberman Pinschers is a family-owned business dedicated to providing quality, well-trained Doberman Pinschers for service, agility, working dogs, or family pet. We have over 35 years of combined experience in training and using service dogs, and all of our puppies are raised in-house. Our breeding program focuses on health and longevity, so that we can do our best assure your pet or service animal will be with you for a long time.***

We take pride in the dogs we raise and strive to provide a loving, nurturing environment for them. Our team is committed to providing all of our puppies and dogs with the highest quality of care and training, allowing us to guarantee that our dogs that complete the program will be well-trained and ready to serve.***

***DISCLAIMER: Any animal can harbor unknown health or behavioral issues, these statements are NOT a guarantee of health, longevity, partnership or suitability. Instead these statements are a reflection of our dedication to do the best possible for our dogs and the families that own them.

Spudz & Blossom: A Love Story


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AKC Registered

Doberman Pinschers

0-1 year old

Service Dog

Training & Sales

Full or Partial Training

Service Dogs for 

Medical or Emotional 


Daycare and Boarding




Options Available


Meet The Team


Leprechaun Lane's Blue Ice aka Spudz The Blue Doberman

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Office Manager & All Around Stud


Leprechaun Lane's G'Vine de Floraison

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Production Manager & Bada$$ Byatch


Eponina's Ella Rose (5-18-2013)

Self-Described Queen of the Lands,

Overlord &

Puppy Monitor

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