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Doberman Pinscher
Breeding & Sales

It all started in 1989 with a tiny Black and Rust puppy I names Duke's Sunnii Delight. She was the Doberman that fed a fantasy and created a monster - so to speak. I just couldn't find another dog that expressed the intelligence, loyalty, enthusiasm, love, loyalty, and wonder that Dobermans bring to my life. 

A lifetime of study, research, and love, with a small-operation kennel (less than 2 litter a year) has brought me to this point.

As a “Bred with H.E.A.R.T.” responsible breeder we offer reservations based on what YOU are looking for in a puppy. We take part in the puppy-picking process with you to ensure that you have the puppy that best suits YOU. If you tell us you want a high drive, large, IPO type or Working quality Doberman, a Doberman for Service Work (Medical, Facility, Therapy, Emotional), or if you are looking for a low drive PET quality puppy, that is what we will do our best to match you up with.  

Please NOTE: Dobermans are not like Golden retrievers that will fit into any family environment. We do our best to match the best puppy up to the prospective buyer to do our best to ensure the best possible life for both the puppy and you! Additionally, we offer extensive training options, and with Zoom or Video chat technology, we offer “Guided-Training” in your own home. We take great pride in our breeding program and want to make sure to give each puppy the best chance at a good family home, and to make sure your life continues to be happy and full of wonders!


The $1500 deposit to reserve a puppy is non-refundable because we want the “committed” buyer, not someone who is hastily looking for a puppy. Our puppies are $3750-$9250 and are sold with limited registration. Full registration is available on a limited basis. Service/Working Doberman homes take precedence over pet/companion homes. If you’re looking to find out more information or about full registration, please contact us at

To move forward with finding your own puppy through us, please click the button below or to the left:


Service Dog Training and Sales

What is right for YOU?

Leprechaun Lane’s Trained Canines offers the option of a Trained Service Dog ready to help you meet your needs, or Guided Self-Training Programs for those who:

  • Demonstrate a need based on the criteria listed below

  • Already have a dog that passes the “LLTC Prospective Service Dog Assessment Tests”

  • Have the time and commitment to do the work required to develop a dog worthy of graduation and Certification from LLTC.

Leprechaun Lane’s Trained Canines works specifically with dogs for the following four types of services:

  1. Therapy Dog or Pet Dog – Including Psychiatric Alert and Comfort

  2. Medical Service or Assistance Dog

  3. Occupational Needs Dogs

  4. Facilities Dog

Before continuing this application process, please follow the link to the Four Types of Service Dogs for a complete description and to decide which dog best suits your needs.

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