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Policies and Procedures for

Puppy and Dog Sales

By reading and accepting this page, you are agreeing to our policies and procedures and becoming a BASIC subscribing member of Leprechaun Lane's Doberman Pinschers.



Inflation affects us all. From our vets and feed producers to our suppliers, and including just the cost of gas for upkeep, we are all subject to the rising cost to do business.

We do our best to hedge against long-term inflation by offering fair pricing and only adjust our rates and pricing as absolutely necessary.

Occasionally, the prices listed on a Website, Social Media listing, Flyer, Text, or any other form of communication or advertisement may be inaccurate. Please note that the prices on your signed contract are the prices we abide by. We do our best to update ALL sources of pricing at the same time, but we have been known to make a mistake or two.

Thank you for understanding.

Dollar Bills



Deposits are Non-Refundable.

  • A deposit reserves you the right to select a puppy.

  • A deposit reserves you a placement in the order of selection.

  • Receipt of deposit monies constitutes a binding contract for both parties (Seller and Buyer).

  • The deposit may be used for a future litter, and may be transferred once, from one litter to another.

  • There are ZERO exceptions to these rules.


  • Payments In-Full, or In-Part, are NON-Refundable.

  • Payments may be made via:

    • Cash​

    • Certified Check

    • Credit Card (Plus 15% for Credit Cards)

The Puppy-Picking Process

This is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect, for all concerned. As such, we are adamant that you understand the following points:
  1. Deposits GUARANTEE your reserved place in the selection process (Earliest payment date first).
  2. Your lifestyle, wants, family setting, home setting, and desired "occupation" for the puppy are taken into consideration with the puppy's aptitude and type.
    1. We prefer you not select based on COLOR alone, but keep in mind what a "Good Fit" may look like - ALL colors are Good Colors when temperament and personality are considered.
    2. We reserve the right to refuse placement of a puppy if we are concerned it will not be a good fit. In this instance you may choose the another puppy in this litter or have the first available selection for the next litter. This will be a in-depth discussion between parties for full understanding.
  3. You may visit the puppies once your full deposit is received.
  4. You will have access to Puppy-Cam once your deposit is received. 
    1. Puppy-Cam is NOT 24/7 after 3 weeks of age (again, this is our private home).
    2. Puppy-Cam is ONLY FOR the family or Individual who pay a deposit In-Full.
    3. After 3 weeks of age Puppy-Cam will cover the following: 8 AM - 2 PM in Puppy Yard, Puppy training sessions as determined by trainer.
  5. A puppy may be "shipped" after purchase, however, we are stringent on accepted shipping methods. We prefer you fly in, and we will help you make acceptable arrangments to collect your puppy and fly home with him or her at your seat. If a puppy is "shipped," the following RULES apply without exception:
    1. Payment IN-FULL must be received AND PROCESSED prior to pickup for ALL SERVICES including but not limited to: Purchase Price, Training, Medical Services, Board, Care, Special Requests, or any other agreements made.
    2. Payments made by Credit Card will also have a 15% surcharge and will have to sign a receipt upon pickup verifying receipt of puppy and services and confirming a declination of right to request refund or rights to claim fraudulent charges for the amount agreed to on the receipt ONLY.
    3. Any and ALL payments made as above must be completed at least 7 business days in advance of shipment. All charges for shipment and transportation to and return from point of shipment are the responsibility of the buyer/purchaser.
    4. All puppies or dogs that are shipped must have a minimum 6-month purchased health insurance plan IN PLACE at least 48 hours before shipping with zero exclusions for shipping-related emergencies or issues.
    5. All puppies or dogs that are shipped automatically decline the 48-hour health guarantee normally provided by the seller.
  6. All Puppies or dogs that are SOLD by Leprechaun Lane's Doberman Pinschers, ISAOA, come with a 48-hour ALL HEALTH*** and 2-Year Genetic Defect Guarantee***
    1. Canines MUST BE examined by a currently Licensed Veterinarian in the state in which you receive the canine, or in the state in which you live within 48-hours of receipt.
    2. In the HIGHLY UNLIKELY event that a puppy or dog expires prior to the 48 hours, and prior to reaching a veterinarian, the buyer must provide an autopsy to determine the cause of death.
      1. Shall the breeder/seller be found to be the cause of the death due to raising/breeding/handling prior to pickup, the breeder/seller shall fully reimburse the veterinary and autopsy costs related to this incident ONLY, and shall provide buyer with first selection of the next litter or refund of purchase price only, IN-FULL.  


Visitation & Pick-Ups

Our Dogs are our Family and our Kennel is our home, 

All visitations, training sessions, and final pick-ups are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please be respectful of our dogs and our family.

Crate Training 1.jpg

Lifetime Breeder Support

This is our family and our life! As such, you and your puppy/dog can always count on us for advice and reasonable assistance (excluding medical emergencies and bills) for the life of your puppy and beyond. This means training tips, supplies and feeding suggestions, travel ideas, and more. We can be a contingency plan, and we are always interested in doing what is best for the life of the puppy or dog (that's why selection is important). 

John, Lisa, and Spudz Murphy

Understanding, Agreement & Enrollment

BY entering your information below, you are acknowledging and agreeing to Leprechaun Lane Doberman Pinscher's policies and procedures for purchasing a dog or puppy. Further, you are agreeing to becoming a member of our community which includes, but is not limited to: emails with Pup-dates, PAW-some infomails, and DoberDork Details and Suggestions. You will be added to our mailing list for future litters and training/fun opportunities that we attend or sponsor. Finally, this page will become a permanent portion of your contract should you choose to provide a DEPOSIT for a dog or puppy. Thank you!

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